Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why cant we just reset the whole bleeding economy?

I had this fucking brilliant idea last night.

Why can't we just reset the whole global economy. You know, like all debts get cleared, and the whole world starts from scratch. It may be drastic but its better than everything suddenly going up in smoke right.
Cut our losses and move on with life. At least thats one disaster averted. I've been reading excerpts from Great Depression Era books and I tell you, the Depression part was there because it really was depressing and that the least of our needs. Lifes hard, we all have to admit it pero we don't have to be depressed. And think about it. If this happens in a global scale, think of the suffering its going to bring about.
Ugh. Human nature. Tama nga si Ozymandias, people tend to tackle on the symptoms but never on the disease itself. ( Does it follow that I have to amass an empire, create a psychic monster and teleport that monster into the heart of NYC to kill half of the city, in the process killing off one of the most decorated heroes of our time and isolating the most powerful man in the world? Sorry, that was me raving over Watchmen)

So going back to my brilliant idea, according to my boss/ EIC, (whos analytical in nature) it wouldnt work. First and formost because a lot of global leaders are greedy. Plain and simple. Greed hinders us from solving one dire problem.

During my old school days, I heard a teacher (not sure whether this was college or elementary) state that there was a "DAY OF RECKONING" for the Jews when all crimes were forgiven, all debts were forgotten and everything starts over. Everything was set back in order. Thats what I envision. That way, our kids wont have to pay a debt they never really owed.

Pero too bad, its not going to work.

Well it will work. Given right awareness, the right campaign and so on and so forth, I think itll work.

Yeah right.

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