Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remembering Magnolia and the 80's

Its a dreary and wet afternoon.

It was times like this during my childhood that my "lolo" would often drop by the house with something that I haven't seen for the longest time now.

A Magnolia Chocolait bottle with the good stuff. Syempre Magnolia Chocolait.

As a kid who had fuzzy memories of the late 80's and early 90's there are a lot of things that have gone the way of the dodo.

The aforementioned Chocolait in the bottle is one them.

Nakakamiss na rin yung mga sumusunod:

Pritos Ring - Actually di ko na siya namimiss kasi niregaluhan ako ni Inang Starlet ko ng isang buong ballot noong FHM Christmas party. Inubos naming ng kapatid ko to while watching the special episode of Dragon Ball (the one where they met in Mr. Satan’s place to commemorate the defeat of Kid Buu)

Humpty Dumpty - na pag tinira sa bus ay magkakaroon ka ng instant kaaway, at pinagbabawal sa mga field trips sa tindi ng iniiwang amoy sa loob ng aircon bus.

Ninja Turtles (Oo namimiss ko na sila. Wala na kasing appeal yung mga bagong ninja turtles na cartoons ngayon. I tried watching the whole “Fast Forward” thingy on Studio 23 and they lost me right after they “upgraded” their costumes and please, April and Casey Jone’s great grandkid?

Palibhasa Lalake – 90’s na 90s. it was effin great to see those guys. Joey Marquez, Richard Gomez then later Jomari and Anjo Yllana and John Estrada. So many remakes and re-inventions pero I was want to see the original. Going Bulilit made a spoof/ parody of this in their own show; funny but still needs that extra OOMPH. And it also gave the world Chynthia Patag….

Afternoon Oldie Movies – ABS-CBN had the bright notion of having these in the afternoon well before the current trends of

(a) Mexicanovelas – Before Rubi, Gata Salvaje, El Cuerpo and all that junk that’s not really ours.

(b) Teen Romances – Puh-lease, the oldies were great because it showed the best (and often the worst) in our film history (Joey De Leon and Rene Requestas reruns please….) I don’t need to settle with seeing the newest teen sensation projecting and pretending that they can act although alam ng lahat ng tao na di talaga siya marunong mag-acting.

(c) Infomercials – But wait! Theres more…

(d) 3 o Clock Habit – Wait, scrap that, it still exists in a new format with a new photo of Jesus Christ and it’s dubbed in tagalog this time. This was our marker that all those animes and cartoons are about to appear.

Variety Shows – It has the word VARIETY in it because it caters to a variety of interest. I don’t want to see Willie Revillame’s ugly mug every lunch time. Although masaya parin manuod ng Eat Bulaga once in a while, it kinda gives you the feeling na “that’s it. There’s nothing more. It’s either TVJ or Willie.” But I AM DEFINITELY NOT MISSING “ITS CHOWTIME” (I was present with the production then kasi I had my OJT in broadcast city. So no thank you. Believe it or not, yung mga audience came from the neighboring barangays. Imagine what happened kung wala pa yung mga yun…)

Cartoons – Okay I admit Naruto in the afternoons are fun. Pero may kulang. Dati may Peter Pan sa hapon tapos nung mga late 80’s sa channel 9, they’d have Thundercats, Powerhawks, Tiger Shark, Karate Cats, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Widget the World Watcher, Bravestar, Dinosaucers and so many others.

TV Patrol – the old format was fun now in hindsight because of the multitude of things they discuss just before Frankie Evangelista’s Sports report and the entertainment news. (Nakakabwisit lang kapag Friday kasi gusto excited ka ng manuod ng X-Men or ng Ninja Turtles tapos ang dadaldal pa ni Mel Chanco at ni Noli De Castro)

And finally, THE most important thing that I currently miss is:

UNCLE BOB’S LUCKY SEVEN CLUB – Oh yeah. That’s the pepper. I missed this for the toy commercial’s they play, the toys they give away, the stupid and pathetic mascot dance numbers and the toy press releases that they do (as well as some comics on the side.) What I don’t miss is Dolly Anne Carvajal pre- showbiz days. ( I never knew then that Dolly was the daughter of Inday Badiday, the other showbiz personality I didn’t want to see kasi yun yung pinapanuod ng yaya naming.. Inaagaw kasi ng yaya namin yung TV kapag 6 na, eh PBA time nay un so kinainisan ko ang Eye 2 Eye dahil dun.)

Thanks to http://nostalgiamanila.blogspot.com for making me remember...

Parang si Captain America lang nung hawak ni Winter Soldier yung Cosmic Cube sa ending ng arc ng "Winter Soldier"

"Remember who you are"


nathaniel said...

there is a lot to remember during 80's mare...

of course, aside from the nightly sitcoms (chicks to chicks, palibhasa lalaki, eh kasi babae, TODAS, flordeluna, anna-liza, joey & son, duplex and so on...) who can forget the mon-fri, 6PM super robots? hehehehe.. from mekanda, daimos, grendaizer, mazinger z and voltes v(every friday)... 6PM is usually the curfew for us kids that time... and believe me, kahit nasa kainitan ng laro, uuwi at uuwi ka ng 6PM.. kasi ayaw mo mahuli sa kwentuhan the next day...

saturday morning cartoons is also the time to stay home. RPN 9, from 8AM 'til 1PM.. first in list will be super 6, then speed buggy, then the list continues... but the finale one would be... (drum roll please) SUPERFRIENDS!!!! tan ta nan tan ta nan.... hehehehe... superfriends now justice league of america is what i really anticipated during that time.

howell.. my comments will become a blog if i continue.. hehehe sorry mareng kaizer...

but wait there's more (sounds familiar???)

don't forget kung may umaga at tanghali syempre may gabi din na cartoons...

space ghost, balatac, star rangers, jakq, starblazer (battleship yamato), smurfs, care bears and more..

"bring home the excitement. go to r.a. home vision.. at cash & carry, makati.." (HAHAHAHAHA)-Kne!L

Nikolas said...

Karate Cat and Tiger Sharks!

NakaIngit talaga mga classmaes ko nung 90s lahat sila may cable at nakakapanood ng Japanese channel! Buti lang may kaibigan ako naawa at nag record ng ilan saturday morning cartoons. Swerte nila- may robotech sila

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