Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson

I couldnt believe it. He's really dead? As in pushing daisies? Kicked the can? Croaked?

I was a fan of this guy when I was a kid (heck, tried to imitate some of his slick moves.), but when I heard that he was borderline pedophilic, I dropped it altogether (thus starting my love for all other genres of music other than POP music)

But despite all this negative bad rep he gets, once in a while I like to sit down and listen to his songs (Smooth Criminal, Beat It and Man in the Mirror being my top picks)

It's sad that the guy never did get his second chance. In my opinion, he would have redeemed himself with his upcoming British concert tour before getting a cardiac arrest. I'm all for second chances and I was waiting for reviews regarding his performance.

So to Wacko Jacko, wherever you are, you will be missed. Thank you for the music and hope your in a better place. Or if in case you get reborn, enjoy your childhood buddy.



curious_girl said...

totally missed this news! I was shocked when i read a snippet of your blog and i thought it was a joke. but I saw there was another person blogging about this. dunno how to react about it though..

Emperor.Kaizer. said...

@curious girl - when I heard the news, It was a mix of shock and awe. Despite all those crappy things that have happened in the recent past, he's still a good songwriter.

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