Saturday, July 4, 2009

DCP' Archangel Retires

DCP, Digital Comics Preservation's Archangel has resigned.

Now it may not sound like news to you but it certainly sounds like a news to me. BIG fricking news as Archangel has consistently delivered every scanned book that I download.

Now the naysayers may say that I am part of why comic books are slowly losing. But I'd have to beg to differ.

Much like DCP and Minutemen's motto, if I like it, I buy it. Simple as that. This just makes sure that I not only have a digital copy of what I have, I also have the single issue that I can read in case of power outages. Digital Comics are also a big help because it saves the trees (yeah right.)

But overall, I think digital comics really are a big help in making people decide what to buy. It'll help people avoid buying crap and help people with little to no money (comic scans helped me with my comics fix during my brief "unemployment" stint)

His Last Words?

"So that’s it for me. My last scan and edit. You’ll see a couple more books come out after this but those I scanned and handed off to other people to edit. As it stands this morning, since 6:30 pm last night, I scanned 12 books. I edited 3 of them. As one editor said to me last night “Wait, you scanned them all? its only like 11.” The last few months, that mostly what I did. I scanned and handed off to editors. Even as I go out, I go out on my terms. I fought some battles. I did what I wanted. Took a lot of insults. Gave a lot of insults. Pushed the envelope a couple of times. I met some great people along the way. See ya around."

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