Friday, July 31, 2009

Men's Magazine War: August 2009

Round 1:

On the right corner, we have the lovely, oogle-licious Cindy Kurleto for Uno Magazine.

On the left corner, hailing from San Pedro, Laguna the delectable, the stunning, Paw Diaz for FHM.

As they would say it in the UFC, LETS GET IT ON!


Uno Magazine - August 2009

The first thing that came to my mind when I bought this was... "Where in the world can I put this magazine?" as it was a different from the other men's magazine out there, the size of the mag put me off. Apparently the only thing that fits the size is that oversized JLA book I got for myself a few years back.

So yeah, I got the magazine and it featured among other things:

Ellen Adarna (yup!)
Gretchen Fulido (double yup!)
and Trent Reznor and the rest of Nine Inch Nails.

Lots of interesting reads, less of the babes and more the "right" stuff. Paper quality used for the three abovementioned ladies where different from those of the regular articles.

Aside from the oversized format, the only other problem I have with Uno is the fact that it tends to exude an "elitist" vibe. It's like suddenly you hate yourself because you can't attend those parties or because you can't buy all those big boy stuff (if Maxim and FHM was bad, well you'll feel a lot smaller when you read Uno.)

So for their "rebirth" issue, good photos, astig quality of paper, great contents but sucky format size and too much elitist crap.


FHM August 2009 - Paw Diaz

No wonder she dances like a freak during the FHM Victory Party last July 9. And no wonder theres an obvious build up during that said party. "Kabayan" Paw is one hawt woman.

Notable entries for this issue:

More babes (in all their hottie-ness.)
More gagets
More of bumbling hero Super-Bong
More of that Anime-ish Premiere Condom comic (Can you say "KIKI OZAWA"?)

Plus reviews on Darwyn Cooke's new series and COSPLAY GIRLS!


Round One Winnah:

FHM. No bias here, no nothing. FHM's just owned Uno for all its Cindy Kurleto goodness. It was a dead giveaway and pretty obvious but it still had to be stated. However, in fairness to UNO, they really do have the potential to make it big and break the big two. Hopefully, EIC RJ Ledesma works double time.


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