Friday, October 23, 2009

Sofie Garrucho and POI

Yup, the very sexy and sweet Sofie Garrucho just added a new entry on her FHM blog.... Shes learning POI or fire dancing.

So what exactly is POI?

Fire dancing (also known as "fire twirling," "fire spinning," "fire performance," or "fire manipulation") is a group of performance arts or disciplines that involve manipulation of objects on fire. Typically these objects have one or more bundles of wicking, which are soaked in fuel and ignited.

Some of these disciplines are related to juggling or baton twirling (both forms of object manipulation), and there is also an affinity between fire dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. Firedancing is often performed to music. Fire dancing has been a traditional part of cultures from around the world, and modern fire performance often includes visual and stylistic elements from many traditions.

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