Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Interwebs Filled With Pac-mania and Other Things....

Congratulations to Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao for once again beating the holy crap out of Miguel Cotto for their FIREPOWER production.

The thing is, I hated all those advanced SPOILERS who just wants to text the results WAAAAY in advance just to inform. I mean come on!!! Can't a guy just watch a boxing match decently.

Moral of the Lesson: Turn of your mobile phone if you dont want to know the details regarding the match. And steer clear of the Internet.

Yan isa pa yan. I went online this morning for a couple of minutes to check my emails. (Approximately around the time that the "Live" Pacquaio match was going on. And then, I'm bombarded by several IMs from friends and relatives living abroad about the Pacman win.


And because of all the excitement and hype over the Pacman-Cotto match, I completely forgot another "Kababayan" who was going for the main event. UFC's BRANDON "The Truth" VERA, who was going up against Randy Couture.

I was only updated a few hours ago but apparently Vera came down. And lost to Captain America. It was sad because. Kasi kahit nirerepresent mo na yung bansa mo, hindi masyadong napapansin ng mga kabayan mo kasi mas pinaboran nila yung mas sikat mong kababayan.

And lets not forget poor Z Gorres. In a very "Rocky" moment, Gorres is currently in the hospital undergoing BRAIN SURGERY dahil sa "blood clot" na namuo sa utak nya. Those are the more common AND serious injuries that could afflict a boxer.

I really hope na makarecover sya and stay out of the sport. Hindi na talaga magiging maganda para sa kanya na mag-boxing pa siya ulit.

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