Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Should Bruce Wayne Be Batman?

I remember one of my most visited entries here on my blog was my entry regarding why Bucky should stay as Captain America, well guess what? I'll be doing a part two regarding this topic.

As you may have heard, DC Comics and Grant Morrison is planning to return Bruce Wayne to the thick of things as one of a major 2010 event for the Bat-verse. Bruce Wayne was taken out by Darkseid's Omega effect by the end of the often dismissed Final Crisis. His corpse was later seen carried by Superman.

We later see Bruce scrawling the Batsign in a cave wall during the epilogue of the Final Crisis event.

Meanwhile Dick Grayson becomes the Batman during Tony Daniel's run on the mini Battle for the Cowl. Tim Drake formerly Robin, picks up Jason Todd's Red Robin identity in order to prove that Bruce Wayne still lives. Dick and Bruce's son Damien Wayne, becomes Gotham's new Batman and Robin. In the pages of Red Robin's ongoing series, Tim finally encounters the batsign scrawl in the caves in Paris.

And then the official announcement comes out, which leads me to this new blog entry.

Unlike my solid and steady belief that Bucky is now the modern Captain America, I think Bruce Wayne should get the Batman cowl back.

For one, I believe that Dick Grayson is a way better hero in his Nightwing persona rather than the Bat. He's happy, analytical and very acrobatic. He's not really a detective perse since he never matched the genius that is Bruce Wayne. Another thing is, Dick is also more of a leader type with genuine people skills. Bruce just scares people into submission.

Nightwing's just named Dick while Bruce is really a DICK.

Secondly, Bruce Wayne is a perfect fit to Batman. He's the light side to the darkness that the Bat embraces. He's very being reminds Batman that there will always be a Thomas and Martha Wayne that will come out of a theatre with their young son and gunned down by a Joe Chill. That was what made Batman and Bruce Wayne tick.

Yes, people may say that Dick witnessed his mother and father gunned down during the Flying Grayson's performance in Gotham but its still not enough. He didnt feel the gun being pointed in his direction, he did not feel the fear of losing his parents and his life. He just wasnt cut out to be Batman.

Thirdly, comic books are static forms of entertainment. Plus there are some important things that when taken away makes the book suck. Like what I read in, an Uncanny X-Men book without a world that fears and hates them isnt really interesting, a rich and powerful Peter Parker / Spiderman doesnt have that extra OOMPH. You get what I'm saying?

So bring back Bruce as soon as possible. This Bat-fan is anxious once again to see him be the Dark Knight.


Tommy Elliot should pay for his blasphemy. Bring back Hush and make him formidable again. He sucks as Wayne.

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