Saturday, December 26, 2009

Was Blackest Night 6 Leaked??

I was surprised when a friend told me the whole scenario for this month's issue of "Blackest Night".

According to him there will be new recruits to the 7 color rangers that are part of Earth's heroes. I was surprised for him having this particular info, especially since Blackest Night # 6 wont come out until next week (December 30, 2009).

So after much prodding and a couple of bottles of booze, he finally came clean and told me that he downloaded new stuff from the net and one of the package included the aforementioned Blackest Night ish.

So I had to check it out for myself.

And so there it was, lo and behold, Blackest Night # 6 just waiting to be downloaded.

Well too bad DC, it seems like your new year's eve plans has been jumped. I wonder if the same thing would happen to Marvel's SIEGE which will be coming out around the same time.

And if DC should decide to do some collateral damage, I really believe it's waaaaaaay too late for that.

But knowing the fans, regardless of whether it was leaked or not, people would still go to their LCS on Wednesday (or thursday here in the Philippines) to get the latest ish of this widely fantastic book.

BTW, no spoilers....

Who the hell am I kidding?

here ya go kids!

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