Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blake Lively is Carol Ferris

Blake Lively (most known for TV’s Gossip Girl) has landed the role of Carol Ferris, according to Cinema Blend. Most comic fans know Carrol Ferris as Hal Jordan’s boss, love interest, and sometimes rival as Star Sapphire. I had heard Lively was on the top five, but I wasn’t sure she’d get the role because of her young age (note, she is only 22), but she must have done something to impress director Martin Campbell.

Sure, she’s a pretty blond, but I really don’t see this. Then again, I’m not a renowned movie director.

All is left, supposedly, is the casting of Hector Hammond and arch-nemesis Sinestro. ‘Rama readers, what do you think of this casting call?

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