Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Distracted By A Bitch Slap...

I was on the way home last night from Pam's place when I got into a bus that was showing a very "interesting" movie.

From the opening scene alone, I knew that it had something. Unfortunately, I was seriously focused on finishing Final Fantasy VII (I was in the scene where we get the Highwind so it was pretty intense that part)

So there I was playing the game, when suddenly, I see the scene from the onboard movie. Two girls, sweaty, dirty and scantily clad KISSING EACH OTHER! And there was tongue and there were several close ups.

And my first thoughts as I was "Gawd! Why the hell are they showing this here?" And then after a second look, well, I forgot about it.

Without any decent plot whatsoever, the movie is filled with the following things:

(1) Scantily clad girls
(2) Guns
(3) Violence

All the generic formula that made up the 1970's "blaxploitation" sub-genre of movies. It may not have been discussed during college but I do know that these movies made Pam Grier famous (who did Foxy Brown, which was later spoofed in the Austin Powers movies by Beyonce who called herself FOXY CLEOPATRA)

So going back to my story, I was busy watching the movie when I realized that the random enemy that attacked my party was already killing me. I played again and again I was later distracted by the sight of the aforementioned girls playing with water while washing a car. Ugh.

So moral of the lesson, men, including geeks may have the willpower of a Green Lantern, but when three beautiful ladies are shown locking lips and playing with firearms, well thats a whole new ball game.
Now if your too lazy to actually google the damned blasted movie, I've included several photos from the movie...

The film even includes Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo...

And the tandem of Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabriel from Xena: Warrior Princess

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