Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grand Theft Auto: Jason Ivler

Synopsis: Rockstar Games presents the latest installment for their well-loved Grand Theft Auto franchise, GTA: Jason Ivler. Say goodbye to the streets of Liberty City and San Andreas as the locale shifts to the Philippines, where you play the role of ex-Marine and all-around psycho Jason Ivler.

Players will get the chance to drive like crazy in the new open environment system for the Playstation 3. Hit cars, pedestrians and even gun down hapless drivers that cuts in your way.
As Ivler, you may also try different driving and shooting styles as you go around the streets of Metro Manila. Kill and threaten as much drivers as possible. Bonus points if you gun down politicians or celebrities. When your fame meter rises, its time to run away from the cops.

In Police Mode, Players get the chance to play the role of a newbie cop hot on the heels of the psycho road rage driver. Get to utilize various cars such as the owner type jeep and the massive San Juan Zaido SUV. HIDE MODE: In hide mode, you once again play Ivler on the run from the law. Get to shoot more people and brag about it before hiding and fleeing from the police.

And finally, MOM MODE:
Play as Jason Ivler's exotic mom as she drives through the city looking for her son. Play in over 30 locales and beat the clock to find your psycho road rage son. Bring him back to your place and raise your son ala Pokemon and Tamagotchi.

Also get to lie to authorities and pretend not to know that your son is hiding somewhere within the house.
Get slapped with an obstruction of Justice charge and watch as your son plays Rambo as he guns down arresting officers. This and many more assures hours of gameplay and replayability. Out on January 18, 2009 for the X-Box 360, Playstation 3, Wii and the Playstation Portable.

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