Friday, January 29, 2010

Spoiler Review: Green Lantern # 50

The Geoff Johns helmed Blackest Night continues in the 50th issue of Green Lantern. When we last left of the power rangers, they all learn the identity of their newest recruits. As well as the zombie-infestation of the city with no fear, Coast City. Nekron together with the rest of the zombified Superman and other metahumans are getting ready for the final stage of the Blackest Night.

There are bickering amongst the new lanterns such as between Lex Luthor and Larfleeze.

In this issue alone, Hal Jordan (a) kisses Star Sapphire Carol Ferris (b) bickers with former mentor Sinestro over their rings' dubious selection of bearers (were looking at you Scarecrow and Lex) (c) Saves Ganthet and Sayd from the literal jaws of Black Lantern Crispus Allen / Spectre and (d) frees the Parallax entity from imprisonment and becomes Parallax once more.

The issue is a solid action issue and deliverrs quite a hefty character plot development. It's also great to see the interaction between the new Lanterns together with their mentors/ seniors such as Mera and Atrocitus. Mera's blood puking on her zombie baby was quite horrific but cool as well as the gibberish "discussion" between the Atom and Indigo (with Ray saying "bug eyed monster").

One time I was in a discussion with ComicKolektorPhilippines founder Tons about how Blackest Night would end and we had our solid idea on whats happening and how it will end. But seeing the recent developments mid-way, I must say we were stumped and dead wrong. We dont have any clue whatsoever on how this is going to end and I am thoroughly enjoying that fact.

Thank you Geoff Johns and company for this. And happy 50th issue Hal.

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