Monday, May 24, 2010

Review: Spawn 197

By Todd McFarlane and Whilce Portacio

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I havent picked up Spawn for quite some time now. I did manage to know a few details regarding the new Spawn Jim, especially since its interesting to know that Al Simmons is now the baddie for the Image United books.

So I decided to read this book again (all thanks to the Redeemer who was in the cover).

So the book continues the story of Jim and Sara. The new Redeemer goes on and prattles about the coming war and how Sara plays into the game. Jim meets an old man and that journalist following him around. Later Jim and Sara find out that Jim inadvertently healed the old man from his lame-ness.

Redeeemer picks up Jim and tries to talk some sense into him. Redeemer versus Violator next scene before the Redeemer finally gets gutted like a fish thanks to a horde of vampires. The pact between the demons and the vampires is in full effect. Spawn comes back and finally tells Clown that he's the only entity that he can fully trust, not knowing that he fell right into the Clown's trap.

Two cents:

Whilce Portacio's art is sketchy. There I said it. Unlike his last work on Uncanny X-Men, his characters, shadows, figures are all kinda messed up. His action sequences are spot-on however. I particularly liked the scene between Redeemer and Violator where Redeemer tries to take a stab at the demon only to get repelled.

The colors for the book was the real turn off for me. It may appeal to some readers but it wasnt that effective in my opinion. It strikes me a cross between bland and uninspired.

Todd McFarlane's writing is still great. Not AWESOME like Robert Kirkman but its great. The continuing plot is also amusing and I'd like nothing more right now than to actually see Al Simmons come back to this book albeit a villain (I think he calls himself the Omega Spawn right now.)

Overall, I'd give this 3 1/2 beers out of a possible 5 bottles. It's something great yet gets dragged down by the coloring and the letters. The character voice is nice and the battle scenes are cool.

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