Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jonathan Hickman to take on Ultimate Comics Thor

Jonathan Hickman is continuing to wow us with his choice of titles to work on. Not only are we getting some of the best Fantastic Four books we've seen in recent years, were also seeing exceptional work for his mini SHIELD which delves into Marvel's secret history.

Now we've got exceptional news from SDCC.

Jonathan Hickman will be writing ULTIMATE COMICS THOR

The art chores will be handled by Carlos Pacheco and will delve around the eons of time from Thor and Loki's childhood all the way to the hippie Thor we've seen during Mark Millar's Ultimates to what he has become in Jeph Loeb's New Ultimates book.

(Papa Odin together with Hunin and Munin)

(Some wicked redesigns for Loki, who apparently was heavy on BDSM before discovering Armani suits.)


(Im betting this is Volstagg)


(Hogun the Grim)

The 4 issue miniseries will also tell the story of the Ragnarok cycle which will involve Nazis.

It really appeals to me that Marvel is starting to cash in on everything related to the Norse god of Thunder and for good measure.

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