Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marvel Comics October Solicits Covers

Yay! New solicits from Marvel Comics!

Avengers # 6

- Looks like Thor will be facing off against Kang and the rest of his cohorts. Maestro vs. Thor FTW!!!

Chaos War # 1

- With a cover by Ed McGuiness, you know you can't go wrong. You really should be following Prince of Power to get the idea.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 # 3

This was pretty much the book that riled up Mark Millar since the X-Men books were doing the whole "Vs. Vampires" storyline. And here's something to consider. Around this time on this book and in the X-books, both Captain America & Wolverine get turned into vampires. Coincidence? or was Victor Gischler swiping the idea from Mark Millar?

Ultimate Comics X # 5

Jeph Loeb may not be the most popular writer on the block but he can still write mean stuff for the shallow readers like me. I like my books with drama and action and no overarching meta stuff. And he delivers on that note. Incidentally, why are these ragtag bunch getting the ultimate Hulk for their team??? Arthur Adams is awesome BTW!

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