Monday, July 26, 2010

Red Hulk Officially Joins Avengers

Marvel has released an image for an upcoming issue of the Avengers and features the Red Hulk in the front cover.

During SDCC, Brian Michael Bendis has confirmed that the Red Hulk, or Rulk will be joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

I'm really not bothered with this piece of information because I know for a fact that the team would need more heavy hitters. My problem (or worry) is that Wolverine, Spider-Man and The Protector may or may NOT be returning after the first arc.


threeclawseach said...

from what i understand the adjective less avengers don't have a stable line-up outside of thor, bucky cap and maybe they won't come back in the next arc but they will pop in from time to, i think wolverine and spider-man are a better fit with the new avengers..:D

Emperor.Kaizer. said...

That's probably the case. I do hope they do cross overs in the long run. And yeah, Wolvie and Spidey are better in New Avengers.

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