Sunday, July 25, 2010

To The Bitch In Elmhurst

Oh my some faggot hacked my facebook account and added the pork-este Bitch living in New York City who posts mean stuff about me and my girlfriend.

Wow! Makapagsalita ka akala mo napaka perpekto ng buhay mo. Are you living in a first class house? Or do you have a multi million dollar bank account? Do you have a G5? Howbout a car? Don't tell me your just taking the subway.

Wahahahahaha. And your pretending to be this rich little girl. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE PORKY! Your nothing there.

I've shut my trap for such a long time now and all I want is to have peace and quiet. I've been telling you for ages that whatever bad shit that appears with my name to it, is NOT ME because as I've been MAKING YOU UNDERSTAND (Which you dont seem to do so) is that there's a stalker/ hacker doing all this crap.

You know what your nothing. Can't even pass your damned anatomy exam. Oh that's right, it's because your a sickly little loser.

I've had it with you stepping on my name and dignity. If its a blog war you want, it's a damned blog war you'll fucking get.

(Brave words from somebody who hasnt even made it big. ULUL ka rin!)

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