Friday, October 1, 2010

Avengers and X-Men Team Up in X-Men To Serve and Protect

Former X-Force writer Chris Yost was interviewed for CBR regarding his new miniseries called X-Men: To Serve and Protect

One happy reader asked:

Chris, what is your new miniseries ("To Serve and Protect") about? Is it from a fresh pitch by you? Or was it something they came to you to write? It sounds a bit unspecific…

Kyle: It's something that I pitched to the X-office around a year and a half ago, but the timing wasn't right then because of some of the things they were planning. It's two characters that I love going out and saving the day, being big-time mutant super heroes. There's a little bit of mystery as to who they are, but it's really just part of the Heroic Age - the X-Men going out there and doing good.

Each issue is an anthology, but my story will be in each of the four issues. So it's an ongoing story in the anthology, but it's broken up along the four chapters. It's thirty-two pages over four issues. It's my first step back into X-universe after "Second Coming," and at some point in the near future, I should be making New X-Men fans happy.

Here are the covers for the first two issues...

Waitaminute. Just why is Iron Man taking a peek at Emma's booty?

Here's a closer look...


Despite that, I'm picking this miniseries up when it comes out on my LCS.


threeclawseach said...

tony and emma used to have happy fun time together before she was married to scott right? maybe tony wants some more?

2ngaw said...

Who wouldn't look at Emma's?!

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