Friday, November 26, 2010

Bleach 428: Meet The New Bleach Characters

After that epic fail called the ending for the Battle of Karakura Town, Bleach has been much of a drag. Maybe it's really just because I haven't been paying attention or maybe it's the fact that I've grown so used to the action scenes per issue that when the action died down, I suddenly found myself reading a strange book.

C'mon admit it, we've loved Bleach not because of the drama but more of the action. The whole guy gets beat and gets rescued, then powers up to rescue his/ her rescuer from certain death aspect of the show and the manga was made us want to watch it.

And since Aizen is no more, it's suddenly a drag to read.

And besides, Ichigo Kurosaki isn't a Shinigami anymore. Where's the fun in that?

So anyway, let's meet the new characters shall we?

So who is Ginjou Kuugo? Is he really a bad guy. Strikes me more like a bad guy rather than a good guy.

And what about Riruka?

She really reminds of that scythe weilding baddie from Queens Blade. But then again maybe I'm just jumping the gun a little too much.

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