Friday, November 26, 2010

Daredevil is More of a Devil Now

Checking out the previews for Shadowland # 5, I'm seeing that Daredevil has finally defeated just about all the New Avengers. And theres going to be a showdown between Ghost Rider and Dark Daredevil.

Isnt that sweet, Ghost Rider is actually saving Foggy Nelson from falling to his death.

Oh and there it is, Daredevil manages to wipe the floor clean of his would be attackers.

I'm speculating that Ghost Rider will do something to Daredevil that will most probably take out all that bad juju that's been turning him evil.

After all this isn't the first time a hero turned bad all because of the evil elements within (re: Parallax - Hal Jordan)....

Story by : Andy Diggle
Art by: Billy Tan, Victor Olazaba

Colors by: Guru e-FX

Letters by: VC - Joe Caramagma
Cover by: John Cassaday, Laura Martin

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cover Price:$3.99
Release Date: December 1

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