Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dealing with School Bullies and Casey the Bully Basher

One of the most notorious videos lurking around the Internet right now is the video which depicts how a bullied kid snaps and fights back at the school bully, delivering a very powerful looking powerbomb on the pipsqueak of a bully, the boy, who I later found out is named Casey, gets to walk away scot free after the incident.

Here's the official video:

And in case, Google decides to terminate the video, here's another video from Facebook...

Bullying has been a very big issue ever since time immemorial. I am coming clean that back in the day I was bullied.

Or I felt like I was being bullied. But the point is that it causes trauma to one's psyche when you encounter any form of harassment in a school environment.

And just like Casey, I did fight back, only to get picked upon later. It was really depressing and really sad and I can totally relate with what that kid has been going through.

Heck, I wouldn't blame him if he snaps and beats the holy hell out of these asswipes. They deserved it. They were asking for it. See how that pipsqueak even tries to get a laugh or two from punching Casey in the face? That's how horrible bullying is.

There are a few ways to go on with bullying. First you have to develop some really strong guts. Showing some guts in a schoolyard fight means you are already growing balls, you won't stand for this shit anymore and you want this to end.

Secondly, be prepared to improvise. If you can't talk your way out of a beating, might as well be prepared for whatever happens. Arm yourself. Schools in the Philippines differ from schools in America when it comes to bringing weapons. Im not saying you should stab the bully, all im saying is that you can make quick work of your enemies when you've had just enough and you feel like you are at a physical disadvantage.

Thirdly, look for kindred spirits. I never bloomed to become the guy I am now in high school because of a massive inferiority complex. I was scared of what the bullies would think of me and what they would do to me or what they would call me if I tried to do something out of the ordinary. But I felt good when I met my high school bestfriend who did watch my back (although he did choke me to hell once). You'll find that its really easy to live through high school if you have somebody whom you can relate with.

Fourth, do the right thing - tell your folks, get people involved if you feel like its too much. I have a principle that if something doesnt work, you might need to move on to better things. If my parents only had the financial capacity back then to move me to a different high school every year, I'd probably ask them to do so. Remember the old adage, familiarity breeds contempt. And no level of contempt is worse than a bully's contempt for you.

Fifth, Bullies are people - Theres no better way to face a bully than to stand up against these assholes. Feeling like they're treating you badly, call it out and tell them to stop. If it gets physical then be ready to go the distance. Train yourself physically and mentally even emotionally. Just be careful.

So to Casey the Bully Basher, i say, GOOD JOB!

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