Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spoilers: New Guardians # 2 Featuring Kyle Rayner Wearing All the Rings

Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham and Harvey Tolibao answers the question of what happens to a Green Lantern when he gets to wear other rings from other corps plus we get to know what happens to the renegade guardian Ganthet after his appearance in "Green Lantern # 1".

So the latest issue, deals with the battle between classic ring bearers like Fatality (for the Star Sapphires), Arkillo (Sinestro Corps), Bleez (Red Lanterns), Munk (Indigo Tribe) plus a last minute save from Blue Lantern Saint Walker. The duo flies back to Oa where they search for answers but upon reaching the place, they encounter the Guardians who lobotomized Ganthet in between issues.

After a lot of talking between the Guardians and Rayner, the rings have had enough of waiting for the Green Lantern to choose and decide to find a finger to land on...

and turns him into a weird looking ROM THE SPACE KNIGHT facsimile...

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