Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Avengers Illuminati (Complete Series)

These were the fellas that started the whole damn Secret Invasion. If it werent for them Earth 616 wouldnt even have Skrull problem.

Wonderfully written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Jim Cheung.

Like it? Pick up the real deal okey? (I know I have)

Credit to the original scanners BTW...


Synopsis: The gang tries to infiltrate the Skrull homeworld only to get soundly beaten by the Skrulls themselves. They find themselves becoming guinea pigs for a short while before making a break for it. But not before getting the Emperor's wrath.

Synopsis: Reed Richards calls a meeting to discuss the gathering of the Infinity Gems. Apparently he feels that it is up to the Illuminati members to protect the Infinity Gems with their lives. Which is cool and all. Special appearance by UatSynopsis: During the Secret Wars, the gang (minus Iron Man) delves into the mystery behind the Beyonder. What they find is something very very sinister.
Synopsis: You dont mess with the Illuminati. In this ish, The group kicks the living hell out of Marvel Boy ( Noh-Varr, who makes an appearance in Secret Invasion himself). Namor never rocked so good!

Synopsis: The bad boy issue is finally here. A skrull has infiltrated this secret organization. You will never believe who it is!

Download # 1 - HERE
# 2 - HERE
# 3 - HERE
# 4 - HERE
# 5 - HERE

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