Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reading: Flash Rebirth # 1

Read Flash Rebirth # 1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver and I must admit that despite me not being a Flash fan, I was hooked.

The story begins with a murder in a crime lab followed by a sinister somebody trying to re-enact the birth of the Silver Age Flash. Dousing himself with chemicals and using a lightning rod (oddly enough designed with the Flash insignia) to gain super speed.

Meanwhile in another part of Central City, thousands flock the Flash museum to honor the return of the Flash.

JSA Headquarters and both the Titans and the Teen Titans have their own celebration. (Kid Flash, the newly returned Bart Allen is with the Teen Titans while Wally West is with his friends in the Titans.)

Of all the things Barry can do with his spare time, he decides to visit the Flash museum in order to catch up with the things that he missed over the period of time he was bonded with the Speed Force. Hal Jordan, Green Lantern and formerly Parallax, joins his friend in his tour.

In another part of the city, two kids find the skeletal remains of the Black Flash...

Later as Barry is running through the speed force, Savitar, a perp left to rot in the Speed Force escapes through Barry's chest only the dissolve right in front of the Scarlet Speedster after being touched.

Meanwhile in the real world, speedster Liberty Bell, Wally West and Bart Allen, and even Wally's kids Iris and Jai suffer an electric shock of sorts...

The issue ends with Barry finding out that the death's are caused by him....

We also see a special for the upcoming Power Girl series...


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