Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FHM versus Maxim: April 2009

Whew! It's hot this summer. And were now currently in a melting point thanks to these two men's magazine giants here in the Philippines. In one corner, we've got the UNDISPUTED Champion: FOR HIM MAGAZINE And for this month's salvo we've got the delectable (almost like a Hershey Kisses like ) PALOMA ESMERIA: (She's also the new sex columnist for the aforementioned magazine. Also in this issue are the Russian girls of Club Divino, Manette Mercado) In the blue corner wearing next nothing.... MOCHA USON for Maxim Magazine... I like the idea of the gay and lesbian issue (as long there are no dudes kissing other dudes, its fine with me. ) And if Paloma looks like a Hershey Kiss, MOCHA KISSES HERSHEY ( Effing brilliant no?)

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