Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Comic book news: Manhke on GL, New Question, and the Sinister Spiderman

Welcome to the first ever Comics News Today here on my blog:

Today we feature the New Question by Cully Hammer, Mac Gargan as the NEW Spiderman and Green Lantern's new artist Dough Manhke... So to start off... Mahnke on Green Lantern One of the guys posting regularly at Newsarama (http://www.newsarama.com) stated that its been awhile since Kyle Rayner looked what he used to look like when he was still the last and only Green Lantern (which is kinda true) I love the idea of the War of Light, I love the idea of "Blackest Night" (and I'm hoping that this would be the official event for 2009)


Cully Hamner on the **New** Question Images of the new Question has appeared in the net with the culprit being artist Cully Hamner. Apparently, DC is set to shine the proverbial spotlight on the Renee Montoya Question ( we have to remember that the Question was Alan Moore's template for the character "Rorschach" in the Graphic Novel "Watchmen") For me its kinda "Meh". I dunno why. Its just Meh for me... (Although I read Final Crisis: Revelations and I found her character cool. And her flirting with Kathy Kane is not such a bad thing either....) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cup O Joe (Quesada's Myspace Comics blog) revealed a new Dark Reign tie-in entitled Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man. And no this aint Peter Parker, the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. This is Mac Gargan (formerly known as Scorpion) donning the suit. For the uninitiated, Pre-Civil War, the Venom Symbiote upped and left former host Eddie Brock after finding out that Brock was suffering from terminal cancer.) Gargan was then chosen by the symbiote as its new host and has been a part of Norman Osborn's Thunderbolt team ever since. Shortly after the Skrull's Secret Invasion, Osborn, now the leader of H.A.M.M.E.R., opted to reboot the Avengers using former Thunderbolts members and some new blod. In order to make the people believe that the Spiderman on his team is the real deal, Osborn designed a drug to transform Venom from his montrous look into a dashing muscled bloke much like the real Spidey.

And fast forward to this week, he has his own mini.... Sounds interesting...

Pregnant Menace

After the Spidey arc "Character Assassination", we found out that Lily Hollister is the new Goblin-like spidey villain called Menace and that she has been freed from incarceration by none other than Norman Osborn. The last issue for the arc ended with Osborn saying to Hollister, "After all we are family..." (pertaining to Harry Osborn's recent wedding plans for the villainess)

Now we get treated to this new teaser image....

(No word yet on who the daddy is and if the baby's even human. I'm just saying that it aint me!)



Yay! I love Wolverine month.

This week we set our sights on the various covers for upcoming Wolverine Issues.

(Totally excited for the upcoming Dark Wolverine mini starring the mohawked bad ass mofo Daken Akihiro, Wolverine's son....)

(Leinil Yu will always be the best!)
(Adam Kubert Variant for Wolverine # 75)

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