Friday, May 22, 2009

Hayden Kho as the Pambansang Torero

Hahaha. That was the funniest line I have ever heard in quite sometime now.

I personally feel that the guy deserves every mock, jeer and awkward looks he get from the public. Congratulations are in order for the guy because he not only screwed sex-kitten Katrina Halili but MANAGED to videotape the whole damn affair.

And then the day he never expected arrived. The video was leaked. With their sex scandal selling like hotcakes in places such as Quiapo, Divisoria (a newsfeed stated that because of the massive government crackdown on the video, DVDs of the scandal is being sold at Php 150 - Php 200)

The guys a dick for so many reasons. But the bigger dicks are those that even try to make sure that they ride on the popularity of this particularly scandalous affair. People like Senator Bong Revilla should never really make a big fuss about this. For me, the reason is that there are so many other things that should be resolved rather than dealing with this particular scandal.

Are Filipino politicians' brains getting smaller and smaller as time passes...

So , ok, maybe its a really, really great idea for people in the government to extend a helping hand for the wronged people. But if you dig closer, you'll notice that its only because it was such a high profile case. Not because they're truly, genuinely there for the person. Which is really, really saddening because there are so many people really needing that amount of help.

Rape victims still awaiting the verdict on their cases should be prioritized. Or how about those girls that have asked for Mike Enriquez's or Julius Babao's help in "IMBESTIGADOR" or "XXX" whatever happened to their cases? Why not help them? Maybe its because they wouldnt amount for spit for these aspiring politicians.

Really, really depressing...

(No links for the scandal for this entry. It's because again its HIGH PROFILE and so many other blogs host that particular scandal.... go look for it....)

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