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Chris Claremont's Original Plan....

Man you gotta love Comic Scribe Chris Claremont for his insane ability to tie up year old subplots. So apparently Wolverine gets killed and becomes a killer for the Hand (which indeed happened in the pages of Mark Millar's "Enemy of the State" arc) Heres the allegedly "original" note regarding Claremont's plans for the X-Men after the events of X-Men # 3 (With art from then rising star Jim Lee)

Well on with the show:

The story starts during the Muir Island saga. It is here that our tale
diverges from mainline Marvel. In the final conflict between the forces of X
and the Shadow King, the island is NOT destroyed, nor is the Shadow King.
I believe that Legion also lives, but donÕt quote me. [I assume that Xavier
looses his powers--which has been widely reported in the press--I do not
remember that fact being related here]. Anyway the villain escapes to cause
havoc another day.

Legion was originally supposed to survive, and was meant to be a member of
X-Factor (along with the current roster). Peter David couldn't think of any way
in which this character could possibly interact with the others, and got
permission to let him die. (This from an interview/essay by PAD in an issue of
Amazing Heroes) [from (Bart -Laz- Smith)]

The X-men head home and re-establish the school. Faculty members
include Forge, Banshee, and Dr. Karl Lykos (who had been cured of Sauron at
that point [then robbie got his hands on him and...But I digress]). The X-Men
decide to split into two strike teams Blue and Gold (with members as they are

The first part of the new book (X-MEN---Blue team) deals with
Magneto. Essentially he comes to the mansion, and he and the X-Men talk
for an issue. It is decided that while Magneto respects the X-Men, he can not
use their tactics. He leaves promising that he would continue his fight, but
would NOT become a villain once again. (He would wind up doing a lot of
speeches and every once in awhile would do a terrorist type stunt--like some
real person who I can not think of).

It is decided that there are a few loose ends lying around the world that
need to be dealt with. To this end, both strike teams head to Australia to
destroy the Reavers once and for all. This they do. However, not everything
goes smoothly. Remember Lady Deathstrike? Well she and Wolverine face
off in a battle royal. That battle comes to an end when Deathstrike rips out
WolverineÕs heart as he disembowels her. They both fall to the ground

The X-Men head home to mourn their loss. I believe Wolverine is
taken to Japan for burial.

Back home the X-Men do some basic X-stuff, while Xavier begins their
next quest: The search for the SHADOW KING!!! Oh Yeah, He also
establishes another group of NEW MUTANTS.

Meanwhile in Japan, the HAND digs up WolverineÕs body. They
decide to resurrect it and make him into a zombie assassin [I think they tend
to do this to their dead enemies]. Well something really interesting happens.
YÕsee, when WolvieÕs heart was ripped out, his healing factor stuck him into
a healing coma, and when the Hand resurrects him, it super-charges the
healing factor. Wolvie grows a new heart but his mind is chaos, he is easily
turned into the HandÕs new master Ninja. Wolvie is quite lethal,
animalistic, and he sweats a lot.

[It should be pointed out that DeathstrikeÕs body, due to SprialÕs
tampering with it--also has a healing factor which put her into a restorative
coma. I do not remember what happens to her later]

Back at the mansion, X-stuff is going on [without hide nor hair of
Bishop mind you] [X-stuff means BTW that either it is standard super-hero
things or I do not remember], when suddenly they are attacked.

It might seem strange that the X-Men keep getting attacked at their
supposedly secret base, but this time it makes since, for the attacker is
WOLVERINE, sent to kill the renegade ninja, Psylocke. During the course of
the battle Wolvie winds up fighting Colossus who happens to PULL OUT
WOLVERINEÕS CLAWS. Remember how I mentioned that Wolvie had
been sweating a lot. Well it seems that his super-healing factor expelled all
foreign substances from his body, ie. the Admantium. His claws are now
made of an extremely hard bone-like substance (just like his dad, Sabretooth).
[apparently Wolvie was always supposed to have claws, just like Winsor
-Smith said in WEAPON X]

Wolverine is defeated and undergoes a fixing up process, while the X
-men (both teams) and the NEW MUTANTS head to Japan for a final
showdown with the Hand.

During the course of the battle, Jean is thrown in a pit with one of
those Hand demons, which wants to possess her. A battle ensues, thereÕs a
blinding light, and Jean comes out of the pit looking demonicly possessed.

Things look dark for our soon to be ex-teams. The forces of the Hand
prepare to give the final blow to the heroes when Jean takes them out,
having been faking it the whole time.

Everyone heads back to the mansion where some sup-plots await.
Wolverine and MarikoÕs relationship ends, but not the way it did this
summer. Coincidentally, Scott and Jean also break up. Wolvie and Jean get
together and (you guessed it) Scott and BETTSY hook up. [I wonder how
people feel now knowing that Chris was going to do this anyway].

Finally we approach issue 300 of Uncanny X-Men, and the prof. locates
the Shadow King. The teams head for the final battle with him. Xavier
engages the Shadow King in combat (either it is a hand to hand thing, or he
has gotten his powers back, or never lost them in the first place. ) the battle
ends, the smoke clears, and the Shadow King is dead. Unfortunately, so is
XAVIER. (this was a REAL death, no reprieves no commuted sentence-

The X-Men, despondent over the loss of the Prof. are joined once again
by GATEWAY, who is a lot smarter and more powerful than anyone thought.
He is to take over for the professor.

At this point, Chris was going to leave the books. Or he was going to take the X-Men in a new direction. Using GatewayÕs power, The X-Men would now travel to other wheres and other WHENs for their adventures. Adventures that we will never know.

Hay, How I wish he never left X-Men after # 3.. Well if its any consolation he would pick up where he left off in the pages of X-Men Forever....

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