Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who the fuck is Gilbert Teodoro?

I posted this question via my Multiply account this afternoon. And I was wondering:

- who this guy is
- what exactly did he do for country
- what are his plans
- how much would he steal
- how many will he kill
- how long will he stay in the office if he wins

and a million other questions.

For the uninitiated, May 2010 will be the Presidential Elections for the Republic of the Philippines. This will mark the long-awaited step down by the current president, Gloria Arroyo. Now the thing is, she won the position initially by default because of the resignation of then-president and former actor Joseph Estrada then on her second term, she defeated (allegedly cheated with the help of Garci) "DAKING" of Filipino movies, Fernando Poe Jr. (who later died, due in part to his loss at the electoral bid)

A million things happen and here we are. In the present. Now the the goddess of crooks here has raised this pussy's hand and declaring him the standard bearer for the party.


Annoying, humiliating, saddening. These are the three words that I describe what the current Philippine Elections will be like.

Cynicism at its finest folks!

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