Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Marvel Minimates: Cuteness in a box (Please Read)

Old readers (who follow my blogs during the time that I post links for downloads) or those who know me personally know that I have a new toy obsession. And their just 2 inches. It's called the Minimates. And is produced by Diamond Select Toys (with wicked designs from Art Asylum). So far I now have more than a dozen of these (yes they cost a lot)

These critters are great for display, especially if you've got a complete set. Because of a limited print run, these toys have also been harder to come by, especially the older waves. (Having a hard time finding the old school Thor figure, seems like Filipinos love the Mighty Thor.)

Currently, I am waiting for the following boxed sets:

The Dark Avengers (Box 1 and Box 2)

The Ultimates:

90's Wolverine

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