Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spielberg and Will Smith push through with "OLD BOY"

Wow. Stunning. Apparently, despite the ongoing legal battle between the Korean film outfit who produced the Korean version of the manga and Spielgberg's camp , the Oscar winning director and actor Will Smith will push through with the "remake" of Oldboy.

I wasnt aware of the story, so I paid my old friend WIKIPEDIA a visit. And he stated that the movie (loosely summarized) was about a businessman who gets imprisoned in a private prison for 15 years with only a television for company. While a captive, he witnesses news reports of his wife's grisly murder with him being the primary suspect and the subsequent adoption of his daughter. 15 years later, he is suddenly released for no apparent reason.

Following a bloody path similar to Kill Bill, the man looks for the man responsible for his misery. Along the way he meets and falls in love with a sushi chef. They obviously have hot passionate sex.

And then the kicker. Upon confronting the mastermind, they play a game of piecing the puzzle. Apparently the protagonist and the antagonist went to the same high school together. It was there that our hero finds out that the antagonist is having hot derrrty sex with another student. He spreads the rumor (oblivious to the fact that his classmate and the girl he was having sex with were siblings!!!!!) which later grows out of control (he doesnt pay the price because he transfers the next school year.) The scandal results in the suicide of the girl due to her shame. Winning the game, the mastermind admits that the reason for his abduction, his wife's murder and the adoption of his daughter was premeditated for this particular meeting. The antagonist reveals to our hero, that his daughter had grown up and has become the sushi chef.


Now upon learning this new development, our hero cuts off his tongue as a pact to ensure that his daughter/ lover does not find out that her lover is also her dad (Elektra Complex) Flash forward, we see the man asking a hypnotist to remove that jarring memory so he could continue loving his wife/ daughter without being disgusted. And then they live happily ever after.

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curious_girl said...

Actually i haven't seen the korean movie yet, i just heard that it was really good and so i proceeded to download a torrent of the movie.

I still haven't watched it. Even though i downloaded it a month ago. Me thinks I must watch it now though... But as luck would have it. My PC is a COMA. BAdtrip

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