Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Does Everybody Hate Bucky Barnes?

I'm just curious. Why does everybody hate the current Captain America Bucky Barnes AKA Winter Soldier?

I admit at first I really didn't like the idea of having Steve Rogers killed on his way for trial post-Civil War.

With the idea that Sharon Carter, his girlfriend pulling the trigger.

And then for a couple of issues, were left with a comic book with no Captain America whatsoever, instead we witness the story of the rise of the new Captain America in the form of Bucky. We also encounter several plot points that were laid out for a "possible" return of the one true Captain America.

During his stint as the new Captain America, Bucky proved in many ways that he is still inexperienced. Not only as a hero but also as a leader, but despite all this, he strives and proves that no matter what happens, he will make Steve proud.

And that's the endearing quality I found likable in Mr. Barnes. In some small way, I try to emulate those ideals. That despite how fucked up my past is or how screwed up my future will be, I strive to be a better man everyday.

So I may be a minority here but I'm going to say this anyway, I like the New Captain America. And I'd like him to stay. I don't want Steve Rogers coming back and ruining every glorious thing that has ever been built by Bucky.

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axilog14 said...

I personally kinda like Bucky as Captain America, but I think the "hate" may have something to do with the "old-timers" (the longtime comics readers) who consider it blasphemy to even consider anyone replacing the original Cap.

I've actually heard of several longtime fans who've embraced Bucky as well, perhaps the "haters" just include those status quo guys who "decided" the last few years of 616 continuity (like, Avengers Disassembled onwards) never happened instead.

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