Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Initial Review of Bob Ong's Kapitan Sino

So Bob Ong's new book has recently appeared and as I fan I am once again ecstatic. First things, first, we have to accept the fact that Bob is no longer limited to writing funny essays about life (we saw the last of that in "Stainless Longganisa").

Now onto my initial review. I bought this together with Fables Volume 2 and I decided to forgo reading Wilmingham and opt for Ong. The setting is set in the 80s in a place similar to where we grew up (natch, rhetorical), where we met Rogelio, a simple electrician that suddenly finds himself having super powers.

Thanks to his bumbling bestfriend Bok-Bok, Rogelio decides to help as much as he can.

** End of Summary**

Despite now being a full fledged novelist, Bob Ong does not miss a beat with his classic "hirits" and his allusions to several things we have all grown fond or grown up with.

Funny Komiks, Bananarama, Menudo (and their song "If your not here"), Tarzan, Pritos Ring, Rinbee are amongst the things that have been mentioned and used in order to color the place where our hero resides in.

It may be funny but its also dramatic. Reading through the first few pages, especially the scenes where Rogelio and his parents are eating silently with only his mom breaking the silence that envelopes the house is a great dramatic scene.

It also gives foreigners a better insight into the world of the average Filipino.

Bob Ong's Kapitan Sino also creates funny situations thats is typical in any Ong book.

One of the funniest lines I have read so far was a conversation between the TV reporter and a jeepney driver regarding what all the commotion was.

Jeepney Driver: May naglanding na ISPISHIP!
Reporter: May nag-landing na space ship?
Jeepney Driver: May nag-landing na space ship na may dalang taong ahas....

I swear to the heavens, I was laughing hard in the clinic while waiting for my girl to finish up.

Overall, despite only an initial review. I would definitely give this book a solid 10/10. A classic in the making.

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