Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neda: Why she rocked!

Neda Soltani, Iran's "Voice" was viciously gunned down during a public demonstration she attented together with her father. With the growing unrest that comes from the political disillusion by some of our Middle eastern friends, a beautiful and intelligent woman like her should not have died. I believe that it was a wrong move to gun down a prominent person because tactically, it makes them a martyr and with that strengthens the resolve of the people to fight back the oppression.

The same thing happened some 20 years back in my beloved Philippines. It was this time that Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. got out of a plane from his long exile in America (Boston I think). What was supposedly a peaceful entrance to the country was cut short after "Ninoy" not even reaching the recieving terminal was shot by unidentified snipers. This later led to a bloodless revolution which deposed Marcos and kicked his "cronies" in the ass. Big Time.

So going back to Neda, she rocks. Really rocks. What sucks about this is that it took her death before people even noticed what she was fighting for. Nobody needs to be martyred if not for worthless pathetic jerks that cling to old notions and useless traditions.

Like everybody, she had dreams and aspirations. She wanted to be a mother and was pretty much a good daughter. And because of a single bullet, she wont be able to follow her dreams.

Could be this the beginning of something bloody? I hope not.

Sucks to live in a world filled with hate and violence and intolerance and old world political agendas and beliefs.

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