Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review: Ultimatum # 5

Utterly worthless and senseless.

These are the words that spring to mind upon reading this issue. I guess I'm just too much of Marvel Zombie that I don't really know whats good for me.

This was horrible.


The X-Men and Avengers strike down Magneto after reversing the polarity of the world (Huh?!?). Magneto kills Wolverine by controlling Cyclop's and Iron Man. Despite getting singed, Wolverine manages to impale Magneto with his claws. Magneto reciprocates by dismantling Wolverine's skeleton, making sure that he won't get back up again.

Fury and the rest of the team follows Mags again. Jean links Fury's mind to the villain and informs him that the mutants are apparently created only by men. They were not the next evolutionary step as Magneto believes they are.

Cyclops blows Magneto's head off. Days later, in a rally, Cyclops appears in front of a crowd to address the issue of Mutants. Mid-speech, somebody shoots Cyclops dead (Headshot!).

In Latveria, Ultimate Doom praises himself for getting out of that shit as well as having captured Ultimate Namor. The Thing comes in, discusses a few things with Doom and then crushes with his bare hands, Doom's head.

In the ultimate version of Wundagore mountain, it's revealed that the surviving Brotherhood of Mutants are still alive this time led by the still-alive Quicksilver.

It's comic book titles like this that makes me realize that its really a good thing that I'm currently immerese in the whole Blackest Night mania.

So to Jeph Loeb. Stop writing craptacular stories. Show us what you really got!

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