Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review: Superman Batman : Public Enemies

Perfection is the key word for this particular animated feature from DC.

The premise is simple. Lex Luthor has become the president of the United States. He helps America's recovery and establishes a metahuman response team to help in restoring order. The crew includes Powergirl, Major Force, Captain Atom, Starfire and Black Lightning.


Now a meteor made of kryptonite has been spotted hurling towards Earth and Luthor asks Superman to help in disposing of the meteor. However, the problem is that Superman does not want to help because Luthor would hog all the glory. In short he's got ulterior motive.

And because of their conflicting interest, Luthor wants Superman and Batman gone.


Now for the new ones, this was the very first arc of Jeph Loeb's Superman/ Batman books. The other three books were Supergirl, Absolute and Vengeance. (Personal note, I still think these were some of the best "new" books that Loeb came up with before the death of his son, Sam.)


So what did I think of this particular animated feature? It was great. It was faithful to the source material (with alterations that were necessary for the drama. Some elements such as the Kingdom Come Superman making an appearance and the "death" and return of Captain Atom were taken out but did not hurt the story.) The popular voice actors for these characters were also taken back for this project.

Kevin Conroy is still Batman, Clancy Brown is still Lex Luthor and Tim Daly is still Superman. Also if your looking for Bruce Timm's participation, well your in luck, the venerated producer plays the voice of Solomon Grundy (which has several lines now, it's like Stan Lee's appearance in every Marvel movie.)


Several qualms were the settings and disappearance of quirky elements such as the face off between Batman and Luthor which results in the toppling of Lexcorp towers, and Hawkman's dialogue about what he used in taking out Superman.

This is definitely a must buy DVD for me.

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