Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review: Old Man Logan Giant Size # 1

The penultimate ending for the Old Man Logan saga has finally been released.

Based on the preview I posted before, it was going to be bloody as only Wolverine can deliver.

After finding out that the Hulk gang has killed his family while he was away, Wolverine swears revenge. Venting out his decades worth of rage, he stabs, slashes, beheads and impales the Hulk family until only two remains. Old Papi Banner himself and a little baby Hulking (which I dubbed "Hulkling").

The fight scenes were gorgeously rendered by one Steve McNiven and the panels felt grim and gritty (just like the old days.)

What I didn't like about that issue was the way Banner was taken out. Have you seen the ending of Men In Black? Wherein Tommy Lee Jones had himself eaten by Edgar just to get the gun? Well, it's pretty much like that.

And is it me or are writers recycling how Logan kills of heavier menaces recently? I mean Predator X in Messiah CompleX was killed off by the Canuck the same bloody way. (Napaka anti-climatic)

But despite all that, it was glorious.

Overall, it felt like there was a lot of things Millar might have done differently on the series but for what it came out, it was pretty good anyway.

The last few pages of the book was kinda lame in some sense, knowing Millar, he writes his stuff to cater to other writers who'd like to pick up where he left off. In this case, Wolverine (along with the baby Hulk) walks towards the sunset like an old western movie with the intent of righting a world gone terribly wrong.

Good stuff.

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