Sunday, December 20, 2009

21st Century Reinvention of Superman

J.Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis will be working together to publish a new take on Superman and what makes him the Man of Steel.

To tell you guys honestly, I wasnt really a full fledged fan of JMS. But that was before Thor. Yeah, so maybe his run on Amazing Spiderman gave us creeps like Morlun or forgettable stories like "Sins Past" where we find out that Gwen Stacy was actually impregnated by Norman Osborn and that they sired NINJA KIDS (I kid you not, if your unfamilair to that particular mythos.)

But then again, JMS has given us a lot of good things. He gave sci-fi fans Babylon 5 (Waaaay before the BSG remakes kids.) He made Thor suchs a wonderful albeit, late read. He also rewrote the script for the recently shown Ninja Assassin (What is it with him and Ninjas?)

So now, as a solid fan of JMS, I'm really psyched to read the graphic novels from DC Comics' Earth One line of books.

Plus did I mention that the Batman books will be scripted by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank.

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