Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reviews: Mini reviews for December 3

Uncanny X-Men #518 - Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson


Scott finally deals with that Void sliver inside Emma Frost and it's pretty creepy. He ventures inside the White Queen's brain to save her only to fall into the Void's clutches. So right now, both Cyclops and Sentry gets pestered by the Void. Meanwhile, Beast is most displeased with the happenings inside Utopia. He tries to talk to Iceman regarding the issue and is not happy with the outcome. Magneto is given a seat in the X-Science Team in order to deal with the island sinking back to Davy Jones' locker. Magneto and Doctor Nemesis are in for a little bickering before they get the "break it up"

Solid issue from Matt Fraction. Art from Dodson delivers again as usual. The guys look heroic and the girls look really hot.

Dark Avengers Annual # 1


When Karla Soffen informed Noh-Varr that the Avengers he hooked up with were in entirety the Thunderbolts reformatted and refitted to serve as Osborn's twisted version of the Avengers, the young stranger upped and left the Avengers.

This particular volume shows us what happened to his world afterwards. Bendis' dialogue was filled with desperation and anxiety, two things that made Marvel Boy a sure winner in this solo story.

By the issues end, we are treated to a glimpse of an upgraded Marvel Boy (Who will be calling himself Captain Marvel soon enough) and the two Captain America's plans for the boy.

Gave it a perfect score also because I loved Bachalo's art for this annual. Really great stuff.

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