Friday, January 8, 2010

SIEGE # 1 Scans....

So, SIEGE is finally here. I just dont know where to start this short review.

Well for starters, its written by Brian Michael Bendis with art chores coming from Young Guns member Olivier Coipel (who previously worked on Thor with JMS)

It's been much talked about and hyped about as the end of Norman Osborn's so-called "Dark Reign" and frankly, I could really care less. The problem with the Bendis led mid-events are the fact that whoever's top dog appears in over 40 to 75 comic books from Marvel.

It happened to Stark, and it happened to Osborn. There were more misses than hits and it's been dragging on for awhile.

I was never really planning on getting SIEGE because of the mere fact that it was another event. And I am so sick and tired of reading event books that do little - to no changes whatsoever.

So going back to SIEGE, there were lots of loose threads that Bendis tried so hard to write and finish off.

If theres anything that I am really hoping SIEGE delivers is that it TRULY brings back Thor, Captain America and Iron Man after several years away from each other.

Bendis also plans on "finally" unveiling the secret of the Sentry (which was really great under Paul Jenkins, not Bendis)

So going back to the story itself, one of the Warriors Three, Volstagg managed to kill hundreds if not thousands of people during a random encounter with some of the Hood's stooges.

Unknown to many, this was only a part of Loki and Osborn's schemes to seal Osborn's so-called control over the world.

Ares and the Sentry, together with their DARK AVENGERS teammates storm Asgard in retaliation for the deaths in Soldier's Field.

During the initial attack, the Sentry does a DRAGON BALL and slowly destroys Asgard from the ground up.

When Thor finally appears to help his Asgardian brothers, he gets a sound beating (which I still can't accept and understand... Okay, so maybe Sentry may just beat Thor now, but the Thor I knew was capable of putting up a decent fight against the Golden Avenger.)

This later catches the attention of Captain America Steve Rogers. For people looking for our favorite Avenger Iron Man, well, by the story starts, it seems like Stark Disassembled just finished and is well on the way to a full recovery.

If theres anything that redeems this book, I'd probably say that it was the art. Having a great inker and colorist on your side is such a great thing. Compared to his previous work on HOUSE OF M, i'd probably say this was WAAAAAAAAAYYYY better.

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