Friday, April 30, 2010

Review: Ultimate Avengers 2 # 1

By Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu

With the threat of the Red Skull and his Cosmic Cube well out of the way and Nick Fury standing as the orchestrator of the whole debacle, the Black Ops SHIELD team of War Machine, Hulk, and Black Widow are back.

This time, the gang adds a new member to the team. The man known as the Punisher, Frank Castle.

But the Punisher is such a sly fox to catch. Enter Captain America.

The issue focuses on the Punisher's life before joining the Ultimate Avengers and how he finally gets apprehended, how he gets the job offer and how he gets the chance to become Captain America.

Leinil Yu is still a stand out artist. Still gritty and still sketchy, his artwork is perfect for the type of story Millar is trying to sell. Ultraviolence is also one of the books strongest suits. Unlike it's 616 counterparts, Captain America was never too vicious or too brutal. But Millar's Punisher still echoes as the 616 version. Still gory and still brutal, Frank Castle is still waging a one man war against the scum of the Earth. On this universe however, he gets to wear the Cap-Punisher uniform that he wore after the death of Captain America post-Civil War.

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is still the same A-grade A-hole we all know and love. Without really leaving a bad taste in the mouth, we now know that Fury is slowly weaseling his way back to his former position as SHIELD director unbeknown to current director, Carol Danvers. Under Millar's watchful eye, Fury has become a snake. The soldier who will do anything and everything he can to get what he wants (or if taken from a different perspective, a man who will do anything for the greater good, which so far includes him being Director again.)

In the closing pages, we get another solid Millar moment, the moment fans will recognize every single first issue of Millar's run a genuine "he said what??!?" moment.

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