Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Idiot Named Willie Revillame

Imagine having the galls to have somebody removed just because you didnt like the criticism thrown your way.

Now imagine becoming an even bigger DICK by doing it on national TV.

Willie Revillame's a big dick that has not yet been taken down.

He's like Norman Osborn just before Siege began. Prancing around and waving his dick like it's the biggest sonovagun out there. No remorse, no regrets, no nothing. Just pure machismo and kapal ng mukha.

So he's got the galls to actually ask ABS-CBN to remove a certain reporter/ writer just because the said person asked questions on the people he mocks and makes fun of in his daily noontime show.

Firstly, your NOT that hot a-hole. Im beginning to think that the whole "ang pogi mo" or "ang bait mo" praises has finally gone up to your head.

Secondly, it's a free country. I dare you to have me removed from my work desk at this very moment because I think your show takes advantage of the poor, the ones who really need money. by turning them into something to make fun of. By taking away their dignity in exchange for a few thousand bucks.

Aside from the fact that he wanted this done right away, he also challenged the management to do so in front of National TV.

What a jerk.

So your using the media, particularly your own TV show to get what you want? It's time to wake up and smell the daisies people.

The guy you look up to is a sham. a fraud. a hoax. It's not really him. And if you still can't accept that fact, it's time to get a psychiatrist because you are seriously messed up.

As for me. If ABS-CBN decides to give in to Willy boy's request, im going back to Eat Bulaga. At least I only have to stomach Joey De Leon's crap and no one else.

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Derek said...

Joey De Leon is a national comedy icon that deserves more respect and admiration than Willie.

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