Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Protecting and Insulting the PCOS

the PCOS machine that will be used in the upcoming 5.10.10 elections are epic fails waiting to happen.

(These little bastards are Gloria Arroyo's way to cheat her way once again back to Malacanang.)

Okay, so what do we know about the PCOS machine???

Aside from the fact that it would need memory cards to store the actual precinct's counts as well as the exact turnaround of the voters, the machine is shrouded in mystery.

Remember that episode in Heroes Season 1 entitled "Landslide"?

Where Noah Crabbey's character talks to the election machines and they make Nathan Petrelli win the election? Well, I'm thinking of a similar scene here. This time it's President Arroyo doing the talking to the machine (no more old, senile phone calls to Garci, well because its pretty obvious)

Corruption Goes High Tech

For a machine to be used for rampant cheating, the PCOS is pretty expensive. Talk about the costs. It would cost much less to just pay the already reeking with corruption COMELEC people rather than upgrading the tech but there it is!

Then the machine itself is so easy to predict and thus easy to manipulate. There were reports of hackers actually breaking into the firewall and ultimately the website of a certain department and then telling the people that it was so easy to break into the system. After all, we don't spend a lot in catching internet sexual predators and porn sites hosted in the Philippines, pano pa kaya ang HACKERS.

Another thing, the memory cards that they would contain the votes, their pocket sized. So what if its pocket sized? ITS POCKET SIZED! meaning pwedeng ibulsa at palitan ng "loaded" na memory cards.

Who Sold Who?

Who sold us out? Was it Smartmatic? Was it the government? More importantly, I'd like to know, nadaan ba sa gandang lalake nito....

Ang pagpili nitong mga PCOS machines na to?? Or were cutbacks and kickbacks flying abundantly nung pinipili ang contractors?

I'm still uncertain if I should be visiting the local school in Magsaysay just to vote. It's hot, humid and for certain very claustrophobia-inducing. But I guess I have to. I really do hope and pray na walang dayaang mangyari....

... kasi kung meron man, let's go out into the streets and proclaim a bloody-fricking- civil war....

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