Monday, July 26, 2010

Epic Mickey Looks... EPIC!

The runaway star from the E3 convention was a mouse, with the name Mickey. And the name of the game is EPIC MICKEY.

What's to like about this game is the fact that its on the Nintendo Wii making controls and actions easier compared to consoles.

Mickey Mouse is also a great character and travels to various locales ala Kingdom Hearts (which is really reminiscent if you'd think about it. And Mickey did appear in the game as King Mickey, one of the keyblade wielders)

So what's the formula for being Epic...Mickey?

Read more after the cut..

The main location where Mickey Mouse would be doing his adventure is called "Wasteland". Here he has to paint or erase the surroundings to get past obstacles or complete missions.

A dash of Kingdom Hearts + a splash of Okami and a fun loving mouse painting and kicking a$$.

Check out the trailer:

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