Monday, July 26, 2010

New Snippets From "Young Justice"

I am!!

Young Justice....

From the name itself its like a modern reinvention of Teen Titans only with more teeners with angst and raging hormones and tons of emotional baggage (not that the Teen Titans didnt have that during their days...)

And not only will the show comprise a team of fan favorites and some new faces like Aqualad and Artemis, Peter David will be writing several episodes of the series as well.

Check out the video after the cut...

Here's the official video they released during the DC animation panel they did over at SDCC...

As you probably saw, the Justice League will be regulars in the series as well. We've seen character sketches for about 16 leaguers including the likes of Superman, Batman and middleweights like Hawkman & Red Tornado (who was himself a part of Young Justice, believe it or not.)

Oh and check out what Peter David had to say:

First, I neglected to mention yesterday that I attended the presentation of the "Young Justice" animated series. The audience reaction seems overwhelmingly positive, and I'm glad to hear it, because (and I am now free to mention it) I'm going to be writing several episodes for the series. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to reconnect with the characters, even if there are some differences between the guys I wrote and the new incarnation. I would love to tell you all about my first episode, but I'm afraid that it's...oh, what's the word...Secret.

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