Friday, August 6, 2010

Green Lantern Action Figures From Mattel

You'd probably say that you've already got EVERY single Green Lantern-centric figure available in the market as well as exclusives from SDCC and DC Direct.

But then again, you'd have to say you DONT have all the action figures because theres a new wave coming out soon, specifically clustered towards Green Lantern characters. Heres the lowdown.

If I ever get my hands of this wave, this will officially be my first Kyle Rayner Green Lantern figure... I hope they come out with the new ION toy.

DAMMIT! Arkillo looks so fearsome. I wonder if they'll be following a Build-A-Figure scheme or he'll come out like a normal figure.

More after the cut...

William "Black Hand" Hand may be a Black Lantern but he sure was a pansy...

I just wonder why they're all Sinestro Corps members. And only a few GLs...

I found Mongul an interesting character when he took over and enslaved Daxam and was crowned the Sinestro Corps leader. And then Sinestro took him out and imprisoned him inside his yellow power battery.

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