Friday, August 6, 2010

Daken: Dark Wolverine # 2

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OK! Call me a good old fanboy here but it seems like this mini event is starting to stoke my interest.

According to dear follower Grifter, the new book will feature that inglorious bastard DakenAkihiro taking over the body of his dear old dad Wolverine. This stems out of the current "Punishment" arc running between Dark Wolverine & Franken-castle.

And while Daken Akihiro is causing so much trouble on Earth, Wolverine's soul has to deal with the souls of all the people he's sent to hell including Sabretooth and tons of pawns and soldiers.

Nice cover art by Mike Mayhew BTW.


threeclawseach said...

wait, what? i thought a demon would possess wolverine's body? i didn't know that it would be daken..

grifter said...

hahaha ... i may have jumped the gun on that one. it may indeed still be a demon, but wouldn't it be cooler to have Daken in Wolverine's body making life tough for everyone in the Marvel U? they can't really kill him, so they have to use supernatural means to fix the problem, assuming they realize what happens, before he kills a lot more people.

threeclawseach said...

true, sounds good but it would be weird since daken isn't really associated with the, i ran across a worded preview somewhere. it really is a demon, i wonder how daken will tie up here.cause i'm pretty sure he'd actually enjoy having his pops in hell.

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