Friday, September 10, 2010

The Conclusion for X-Force: Sex and Violence

In between sobs, I am going to admit that I will definitely miss the old X-Force crew of Chris Yost and Craig Kyle.

And with X-Force Sex and Violence concluding this week, we might say that we will thoroughly miss the old team (heck even Gabrielle Del otto).

Hey, the book was testosterone filled and had a lot of sexual tension between Domino and Wolverine.

Yes, the book wouldnt be called X-Force without the appearance of the actual team right?

A cool Archangel moment, you only see in Manga and Japanese Anime...

Yes, Doms, we know just how sizzling hot you really can be. Now please zip up that sexy, skintight dress wouldja?

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threeclawseach said...

i really really really hope that x-force shot gets turned into a poster. seriously. x-force was one hell of a ride, i'm hoping uncanny x-force would be just as fun but i doubt it..

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