Friday, June 12, 2009

What a headache Sprint is

Out of the blue, I decided to check the status of the very first company I represented. The U.S. Based communication firm Sprint. Well lo and behold. Apparently, their slowly going the way of the dodo; to add salt to the flesh wound, people really hate Sprint CSRs. I silently answer, who blames them.

One particular blog entry I read detailed in full account what happened to his account. How he suddenly get charged with over a thousand dollars and having a crappy, crappy phone. That person even went on to post a particular he got from the company itself that states that the contract with them is being terminated due to the multiple times that person called.

While reading this, I had this flashback of sorts of days when I was still employed with a certain contact center that used to handle Sprint (thank god, they parted ways. A close friend of mine still works there though.) It was terrible. Because of the amount of stress one had to encounter, it was really, really impossible not to get sick (OR pretend to get sick). Mind you after a particularly frustrating call, my blood pressure rose so high, I was feeling sick in the gut, and my head felt like two “Two Towers” trolls were banging it from both sides. To cut it short, I had to stay in the clinic for awhile. Well, not awhile, I checked in at 4 in the morning, slept through the whole ordeal and then woke up at 11 a.m. in the morning.

Sprint really rips people off. And even if a CSR wants to help out, it would be quite impossible with the system that they have them use. The training was lousy (I wiki’ed my way through training, never really paying attention to the trainer), the system was bad, the script was bad, EVERYTHING WAS BAD! Somedays I wasn’t even sure if I was working for a Sprint or for a helpline for the depressed, the poor, the downtrodden and the weird. Despite have a good feeling after a pleasant call, there are still more times that it really really sucked. I even handled a call once where this single mom, was asking me to reactivate her phone, but I really couldn’t do anything because the system doesn’t let me (although if I did have permission, I would reactive it quickly). After finding out that its impossible in my part, she begins ranting about how miserable life is and how Sprint even made is worse. She also told me that her husband took away their son and almost choked her to death. When I said, “I understand maam, I really do.” She shouted back, “No you don’t. Cause if you did, youd turn my phone back on.” I ran out of words after that and let her cry. At that point, I didn’t care about my AHT (Average Handle Time), I dropped the persona of a representative and became a person. That’s the least thing I could do for people who encounters problems.

A few weeks later, my contract ended. No renewal because that bitch of a team leader didn’t think I was cut out for the job. I felt sad but I was later happy that she did. At least I didn’t have to continue hearing those poor guys. I did wish that Sprint would crumble.

Apparently, I am getting my wish.

That’s karma for you Sprint. That’s karma…

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